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Do It Yourself Funeral Arranger - A Family Orientated Funeral

Do It Yourself Funeral Arranger - A Family Orientated Funeral


Welcome to the section of funeral helper that is devoted entirely to helping you to organise a family orientated funeral and is aimed specifically at families that do not wish to involve a funeral directing company in any aspect of the arrangements or the care of the deceased.

This type of funeral is for families who really want to go it alone and to be involved in every way with all the arrangements.

Guides & walk-throughs

This section is presented in the form of guides, walk-throughs and articles that will show you how anyone can make their own funeral arrangements without the aid of a funeral director regardless of the circumstances of the death and regardless of whether or not the coroner is involved.

We will also explain why in some certain instances you may specifically wish to involve a funeral directing company.


Throughout the different guides your options and choices at any particular relevant point are explained.

The options are not generic which means that each one will guide you specifically along the path you wish to take whilst offering you other alternative routes you may like to divert to and explore along the way.


There is a certain intimacy about a funeral service that is wholly organised by those immediately involved, which often, despite the best intentions cannot be achieved when an outsider organises it.

It seems the natural thing to do, the last service to someone for whom you have cared.

It is also often said that being involved with the funeral arrangements can go a long way towards helping in coming to terms with the death and the loss, perhaps even more-so if it was sudden and unexpected.

Not for everyone

However it is not for everyone, in fact, for whatever reason very few people opt to take the do it yourself route.

With so many raw emotions to deal with after a death, understandably this might be the last thing a family would wish to get involved with at this time, plus it also requires the co-operation and possibly agreement of all those involved as it is not something that any one individual could accomplish entirely on their own.

Read our guides to find out exactly what is involved and to judge whether or not organising a do it yourself family orientated funeral is suitable for you.

As more guides are added and you read through them we hope you will find that you become more confident, more empowered and more inspired to really do things your own way when the time comes and a death occurs (if not already).

We will not say "you can do it" because you may not, we will not say "it is as easy" because it may not be, but we will say "at least you have the choice" your own circumstances and situation will be very different to everyone else's and you must do whatever you feel is right and as much as you are comfortable with in your situation.


For any family who are considering making their own arrangements they will find there is a lot of information available in various formats such as books and online articles, so much so that it can be a bit overwhelming and confusing at times.

Therefore many people who might derive some form of benefit from, and would really like to arrange a do it yourself family orientated funeral are often put off because they are concerned about the logistics, or exactly what to expect and how they should proceed at given points, because, although all this useful information is available, so far none of it is connected in any way that offers any form of continuity that helps to guide you through the processes of precisely what to do next.

Our guides will be different in this respect as we take you through every necessary step in a logical no nonsense manner that not only leaves nothing to chance, but also allows the reader to follow whichever route they are most comfortable with.

We will try as far as possible to cover and deal with every possible situation that you may encounter in your role as Funeral Arranger and at every stage the choice is always yours as whether to seek professional help or to continue doing it yourself.

Last office

How to prepare, care for and attend to the body of the deceased during the period of time before the funeral seems to be the biggest stumbling block for any family who may be thinking of doing it themselves and for that reason this last office is the first to be published.

Laying out or Last Offices for the Deceased is the first guide to be added and more will follow soon, but in the meantime the links below to some other pages on Funeral Helper may be of interest to you.

If you need advice or have a question that you think we may be able to help you with then you can contact us by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

In particular the pages in How To Officiate may be of interest because they are very much a part of our diy (do it yourself) guides.

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